• Chris DeJager

    Chris DeJager

    Father/Husband/Friend/Student/Leader, lots of experience and perspective to share. I am not a writer but am action oriented.

  • Henry Fu Official

    Henry Fu Official

    A young researcher/entrepreneur curious about our world. Focus on Human longevity, Stem cell and Regenerative medicine.

  • Altus Kaiser

    Altus Kaiser

    I’m curious about a variety of topics and love reading about tech, philosophy, and science.

  • Vidun Jayakody

    Vidun Jayakody

  • Katie


    Digital nomad and life optimiser. https://www.instagram.com/katiepreneur

  • Ammielle WB

    Ammielle WB

    computational biology & biological computing. ammiellewb.com

  • Djegnene Penyel

    Djegnene Penyel

  • Dev Patel

    Dev Patel

    ML X SynthBio | Looking to learn, grow and build the ideas of the future into reality. | 15y/o

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