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  • Cole Hagen

    Cole Hagen

    Interests in pain science, wearables, machine learning, and clinical care | M.S. Student Neuromotor Science

  • Kimberly Liang

    Kimberly Liang

    I’m a 16-year-old innovator with huge ambitions to change the world. I research emerging technologies and neoteric mindsets to maximize my impact.

  • Devinder Sarai

    Devinder Sarai

    Learning new things and writing about them. Passionate about how AI can be applied to some of the world’s biggest problems. Developer Intern @ IBM.

  • Idika Poudel

    Idika Poudel

    Space Enthusiast

  • Parmin Sedigh

    Parmin Sedigh

    15 y/o student researcher trying to uncover the secrets of stem cells everyday 🧬

  • Davide Radaelli

    Davide Radaelli

    18 y/o loves programming in Rust

  • Flavie Prévost

    Flavie Prévost

    TKS innovator. I mostly write about healthspan.

  • Marko Youngson

    Marko Youngson

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